Balloon Decoration Ideas for Birthday Parties

Balloon Decoration Ideas for Birthday Parties

If you’re planning a birthday party for a child, you can try some of this fun and original birthday balloon decoration ideas. Some ideas are DIY, such as the snowman and llama balloons. While these are more elaborate, you can also make them yourself, such as a helium balloon arch and heart balloon backdrop. Regardless of the theme you choose for the party, these balloon decoration ideas will make your child’s birthday party a hit!

DIY snowman balloon idea:

This DIY snowman balloon idea for a birthday party will add some winter magic to your birthday bash. For this craft, you will need a large balloon and a smaller balloon. Both are used as the body, and the large one is the foundation. You can add details to the balloons by dipping yarn into a mixture of glue and water. Then, wrap the yarn around the balloons. Wait 24 hours for the glue to dry, and then you can remove the balloons from the middle. To make the face, you can use clay for the eyes or paper for the nose. You can also add details with glue, like a hat.

DIY llama balloon idea:

If you have a 21st birthday coming up, you can add some llama flair to your celebration with a DIY llama balloon idea. Llamas are adorable, and you can use tissue paper to create fun shapes for the animals. Instead of squiggly lines on balloons, you can draw them with a paintbrush. Or, cut out shapes from sponges and decorate them with different colors to match your birthday party theme.

Heart balloon backdrop:

To make your heart balloon backdrop, you will need 30 small balloons. You will also need strong cardboard and a red or pink colored pastel sheet. Trace the heart template onto the cardboard and cut it out with a craft knife. Cut another rectangle of 7 cm in width to make a lip and border for the heart. Then hot glue the two pieces together. Allow the cut-outs to dry. Once dry, blow up the balloons using a balloon pump.

Helium balloon arch:

If you’re throwing a birthday party soon, you can make a DIY helium balloon arch for the occasion. There are two main steps to this project. The first is to make the balloon garland. You will need beading wire. Cut it to the length you need and tie the ends of the balloons. Next, add smaller balloons to the ends of the wire. Leave about 18 inches of unused wire at the bottom of the arch.