Job Description of a Property Manager

Job Description of a Property Manager

According to the best property management company in Dubai, if you want to get into the business of property or real estate, then get ready to say goodbye to your sleep and happy days. Don’t get panicked if we used these words but here, we mean to say that you will be needing to get too much organized and there will be clients coming to you from different parts of the world who will want to have information about your services. And you don’t want to miss a chance to work with overseas investors. As it will not only increase your PR but it will make you good money as well.

If you want to get into the property business and not lose your job then you can become a property dealer or become a host manager of Airbnb in Dubai. If you have skills like good communication, basic accounting skills, patience and good public relations then you can become a good property manager. There are so many benefits of being one; a new and full-time property dealer can make 45k dollars in a year and a pro one can make 95k dollars in a year. If you are on the verge of being one then we suggest that you keep reading to know your job roles.

Marketing of Rental Homes: if you have an investor who has more than one home in the city where you live and he or she wants you to get some tenants, then your job will be to do the best kind of marketing and advertising to get those homes on rent.

Conduct Home Tours: you will have to give more than one tours of the home as the house will be visited by more than one tenant.

Narrowing Down the Candidates: one home can be selected by more than one family so it is your job to say yes to the one whom you think will pay rent on time and not damage the property.

Making Paperwork: you will have to make sure that you have each and every evidence that you are renting the place so that no tenant can think of taking over it.

Maintenance: if the tenants are there for more than a year, then it is your job to get it maintained.

Collect Rent; you will have to collect rent and send it to the home owner.